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We all seek wealth, prosperity and personal life goals but all that would be impossible to achieve without the main requirement for a human to succeed – health.

We wouldn’t be able to physically work for anything we want if we didn’t have a good healthy body. But how do our different habits affect our life and how can make our bodies work in a positive way for us?

You’re about to find out.

Being a healthy person in the time we live in is quite hard, considering the daily unhealthy temptations we’re facing, and I mean every kind of pleasures we run to when we feel down or tired.

We’re the society of lazy consummation and if I had to sum up in a few words the lifestyle of an average person in 21 st century it will sound something like this: “Do less, get more” says the founder of Prime Medical Clinic Dermapen, Amir.

The most obvious example is the huge variety of cheap junk food, staring at you from every corner on the street. Fast-foods every two steps, sweet shops, supermarkets selling full-fat salty or sugary foods such as chips, cakes, and pizza at more favorable price than simple vegetables,
constant media incitement to make you desire fatty rubbish foods, not to mention the well- known fast-food restaurant chains like McDonald’s or KFC, which are most likely the worst of it all. And what do most people do when they need some alone time to recover from the busy

Take a burger and a milkshake and turn on the TV.

Also called the “fast food habits”.

fast food habits

That’s the second common but the not less harmful mistake we often do. We have no physical activity. We work or study on our desks, we have our computers in front of us, everything is literally a click away from us, and we can reach every kind of information with no effort. We
don’t have to go to the bank, to the post-office, even to shop for furniture or buy food. We no longer need to go out to see a friend – we have a video call now. We can stay at home and have the same quality of social life as we would if we went out every day to do all the simple things we do in our daily routine.

Click-click – you have everything. Do less, get more. And that’s also a big unhealthy tempting pleasure we’ve got there.

Imagine you’re lonely or bored. What do you normally do – go for a run in the park? I’m pretty sure your answer would be something that sounds more like “I download a good movie or play a game or read something online.”

And to complete the image of an unhealthy modern adult, here’s what his usual outside activity includes: excessive amounts of alcohol, smoking, and no sleep.

Aren’t these just perfect circumstances for us to have an exhausted, unhealthy body?

So, how can you feed your body with bad high-calorie but low-nutritious food and not move almost at all and expect it to work for you? It’s simply using its small reserves of energy to maintain a stable condition and run through the day without collapsing! Now you’re wondering what you can do to boost your energy levels and actually take care of your body so it can take care of you.

And I know the most expected answer here is to not eat fat pizza ever again and go jogging twice a week. But I’m also aware of the fact that most people wouldn’t change their whole lifestyle and break all their habits even if it comes to the quality of their life.

The good news is that everything is in the little changes. Nobody expects you to never eat your favorite food again. But you can always try to make better healthier decisions. Consume more vitamins and proteins, fewer carbohydrates. Drink a lot of water, less carbonated drinks. Walk to
the store, leave your car in the garage more often. Go for a walk with a friend. When you have a night out with some friends, have one cocktail, not fourteen.

Most importantly don’t smoke!

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk to work. And enjoy every good choice you make – it will make you happy.

And happiness brings all the other goods in your life!

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